Roambi Business FAQs

What is Roambi Business?

Roambi Business is the cloud platform that redesigns the way organizations experience their data. Whether it’s Excel spreadsheets, CRM, databases or BI systems, Roambi Business transforms any data to illuminate important issues and deliver key insights. The Roambi Business solution offers access to Roambi Analytics and Roambi Flow, hosted user-management and administrative functions, as well as a built-in system to manage Roambi content and source files (RFS - Roambi File System).

How does Roambi Business work?

Roambi Business uses file-based data sources, such as Excel, HTML, CSV and TXT files to create Roambi Analytics reports in the Roambi Publisher. Customers can automate report and file creation with the Roambi API. Roambi Business offers secure IT administration and user management without costly hardware and overhead.

Does Roambi Business support Roambi Flow?

Yes, Roambi Flow is supported.

Does Roambi Business support Good Technology?

No. Roambi Business does not support Roambi for Good Technology at this time.

Does Roambi Business support Roambi Co-Branded or Roambi Custom Apps?

No. Roambi Business does not support Roambi Co-Branded or Roambi Custom Apps at this time. Roambi Business customers can choose to customize Roambi Analytics reports by creating themes in the Administrative console.

Does Roambi Business support the Roambi ES 4.5 JDBC Connector?

No. Roambi Business does not support the Roambi ES 4.5 JDBC Connector or any 3rd party connector at this time. Roambi Business customers can choose to automate report creation from any data source through the Roambi API.

Which portals does Roambi Business support?

Roambi Business does NOT support ANY 3rd party portals at this time. All Roambi content and file-based data sources are stored within the Roambi File System (RFS).    

What are the system requirements?

  • iOS device running iOS 5.0 or Higher
  • For Desktop - Supported browsers include; Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari for Mac, Internet Explorer with Google Chrome Frame enabled.
  • Browser enabled cookies, JavaScript and SSL
  • Internet connection speed of 1 Mbps or greater

Are there any limitations on how much customers will be able to store/publish?

Roambi Business customers can store up to 5GB per user. There is no limit on the number of Analytics that can be published, as long as the total storage space does not exceed 5GB per user.

Can you access the Roambi Business publisher/administrative console from mobile browsers?

Yes. The Roambi Business administrative console and Analytics Publisher sections can be accessed via mobile Safari 5.0+ on iPads only. There is no support for these sections via iPhone or other tablets.

Can a Roambi user belong to multiple Roambi Business accounts?

Yes. Any Roambi user can belong to any number of Roambi Business accounts. Each account is explicitly selected from the users home page after they have authenticated to the server. On the device, an “account cell” will be represented for each active account they have.

Can existing Roambi Pro or Lite customer migrate to Roambi Business?

Roambi Pro and Lite customers are encouraged to migrate to Roambi Business accounts. While existing users cannot automatically migrate their accounts, data or content to the Roambi Business server at this time, customers who migrate to Roambi Business are eligible for professional migration services from the Roambi team.

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