Roambi Publisher FAQs

What happened to “Open Existing”?

The Roambi Business product does not support the concept of collaborative Roambi Analytics editing. Therefore, all Roambi files are explicitly “owned” by an individual and accessible only through the Project Gallery of the Roambi Publisher. Ownership of any RBI file can be transferred to a different user at any time.

Which Roambi Analytics views are included in Roambi Business?

Roambi Business includes eight Roambi Analytics views: CataList, Cardex, PieView, SuperList, Squares, Pulse, Layers and Trends.

Can Roambi Business publishers organize their files through the Roambi Publisher?

Publishers can choose where they publish their files on the RFS system, but they cannot reorganize their files. Their files are automatically ordered in the project gallery for easy access.

Can a Roambi Business publisher save progress in the middle of creating a RBI?

Yes. Any change made while creating a RBI is saved to a draft state of that RBI. This draft state can be viewed and reopened from the Project Gallery.

Where is the preview mode?

Because the new publisher does not use Adobe Flash player to run, we do not have access to the flash versions of our views to preview the changes we made. There is a new “Preview on my Device” mode that will let you view an in-progress version of your view on an iPad or iPhone.

Is there a file size upload limitation for source files?

Yes, currently there is a 10MB file limit when uploading source files to Roambi Business. This includes uploading to the Roambi Library as well as importing to the publisher.


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